• Freddy J.
    Norwood Scale III vertex

    Norwood Scale III vertex

    OMG... this is amazing

    年齡: 35-44頭髮顏色: Black

    Rating:5 提交日期: 2018/01/31

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    Not a believer in these type of things.

    My hair has been thinning for some time now and I have been really self conscious of my looks. I saw a video ad for this on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. I sent out for the free sample and as you can see from before and after pictures... this thing works AMAZING!

    I am so impressed so I signed up to become a member and have automatic billing so this product can be delivered to me every 3 months. I was afraid people would notice but no one said a thing and my wife herself got so close and said it just looks so natural. I am a lifer now with this product. Thank you

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